Furniture & Decor


Antique furniture can be the key to transforming a beautiful house into an interesting and elegant home. I work hard to hand pick pieces that are both functional and stylish whilst retaining the original charm and character that modern/reproduction pieces can not replicate.

I have a wide selection of period chairs and suites in stock as well as Louis XV style armoires, pot stands (chevats), beds, and smaller decorative items to add that finishing touch.

My favourite style is Louis XV , & therefore buy more of these pieces as it is so elegant, that being Beds,Armoire‘s,Potcupboards, etc...

All of my antique furniture and decorative items are sourced by hand on my regular buying trips to the continent.

To appreciate the true beauty of each item please contact me to arrange a viewing at your leisure.

As said before, I’m so close to Shrewsbury, Oswestry,Welshpool,Chester....but many clients travel much further...they all say it’s worth it!

I look forward to meeting you..